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About Us

Community Futures Howe Sound is a non-profit organization deeply committed to supporting entrepreneurship in the Sea to Sky Corridor. We believe that local businesses are integral to sustainable community economic development, and our goal is to empower local entrepreneurs with loans, guidance, and community initiatives. 

Our reach extends from Lions Bay to Birkin, including the communities of Squamish, Whistler, and Pemberton.

Image by Susan Flynn

600+ Business Coaching Sessions

Last year alone, we conducted hundreds of personalized business coaching sessions. Guiding local business owners, these sessions delivered the knowledge, skills and tools to manage every aspect of their business with confidence. 

Image by Liam Hans

Over $7 Million Lent

Over the past six years, we've provided over $7 million in small business loans. This financial support has helped aspiring entrepreneurs in the Sea to Sky Corridor transform their visions into thriving businesses.

Image by Tom Patmore

20+ Community Partnerships

We've cultivated an extensive network of local community partners, ranging from business mentorship programs to collaborative networking events. Together, we strive to drive economic growth and foster community betterment.

Image by Benjamin Hayward

30+ Community Development Projects

We have actively supported a variety of community projects. These community-based initiatives aim to enhance the local infrastructure, boost tourism, enrich local arts and culture, and address environmental sustainability. 

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300+ Jobs Created or Maintained in 6 Years

These jobs are not just numbers on a spreadsheet; they represent livelihoods, dreams, and aspirations. By fueling economic vitality, we are ensuring that our community thrives and prospers.

Community Economic Development

From local coffee shops to outdoor adventure guides, small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities. They create jobs for locals, boost the local economy and forge the community's identity. By supporting small businesses, we’re buying from friends and neighbours.

We also understand that local owners face many hurdles towards building a successful business - that’s where we come in. We exist to overcome the barriers to community economic development. As a government-funded organization, our mission is to offer accessible financing to help local entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive. We do this through character-based lending, which means we grant business loans based on your personal integrity rather than just your credit score.  

Yet, our community investment extends far beyond financial support. We believe in forging meaningful connections and partnerships that make a lasting impact. Through our extensive network of local community partners, we've collaborated on various projects that have transformed our region.

Local Support, Global Impact: Elevating Community Economic Development in the Sea to Sky

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